İyilik Sağlık Magazine Recycling Awards 2022

Varol Yaşaroğlu was deemed worthy of an award in the Culture-Art Category with his King Şakir Recycling Film.

The aim of the film is to raise awareness of environmental issues and adopt basic principles to every child who has watched it; The ‘reinforcement’ and ‘action’ phases with 360-degree projects carried out around the film brought the Grafi 2000 team together with the award.

3rd Antalya Television Awards

At the Antalya Television Awards, organized for the third time by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and Antalya Culture and Arts Foundation (AKSAV), the “Big Heads and Father News Bulletin” program received the “Best Comedy Program” award. (2012)

Private Radio and Television Broadcasters Association

“Grafi2000.Comedy”, broadcast on Kanal D, received the “Best Entertainment Program” award with the public vote made by the Private Radio and Television Association. (2004)

Golden Spider Web Contest

“Golden Spider Web Competition”- “Grafi2000.com: Best Humor Website” Award. (2004)